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The BroadcastMed Network Continues to Grow

As many of you know, BroadcastMed has been working very hard over the last several months to expand the reach of our client-generated content.  Beyond our efforts to nurture specialty-specific audiences and deliver relevant content to those audiences through specialty sites and newsletters, we have focused on three initiatives to enhance the value-add of being a member of The BroadcastMed Network: 

1. Expanding Our Syndication Relationships

BroadcastMed has engaged best-in-breed provider-directed web properties and engineered relationships wherein we can syndicate our client content using the Med1News Service.

2. Investing in Marketing Automation Technology

BroadcastMed’s platform now allows us to leverage the power of marketing automation technology, maximize the efficiency, reach and accuracy of content delivery, as well as add a predictive content engine to sites converted to the BCP 3.0 platform.

3. Growing Membership in the BroadcastMed Network through Campaigns

BroadcastMed intends to drive a larger number of users who regularly visit our website and receive our newsletters.

These efforts, along with our continued commitment to developing valued relationships with HCP’s has enabled us to grow awareness. Our membership is now more than 170,000 users and the majority are NPI-verified physicians.

What this means is that an expanded universe of HCPs is accessing the great content our clients are developing and distributing as part of their content campaigns to engage healthcare providers.

In the coming months, our clients will see the impact of our efforts in the user reports we provide, the engagement of provider audiences and ultimately, the conversions of these users into tangible ROI.

If you want to maximize the impact of the BroadcastMed Network development efforts, we make the following recommendations:

  • If you haven’t already, expedite the migration of your website to BroadcastMed’s responsive 3.0 Platform
  • Develop and promote clinical content which demonstrates surgical techniques or technology. These are our most popular programs
  • Add CME activities to your menu of content. Offering continued learning credit attracts the audience you are looking to engage
  • Promote your content through the BroadcastMed Network where we can ensure that your content gets maximum exposure to our loyal audiences

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or tweet @peterkgailey.