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10 Keys for Success in Video Content Marketing to HCPs

Video Content Marketing helps organizations leverage best-in-breed communication strategies to engage, educate and inspire healthcare providers. Here are 10 keys to ensure your strategy hits the mark in driving measurable ROI:

1. Understand Your Outcomes: What Do You Want Your Audience to Do?

What is the tip of the spear? Is it patient referral, CME completion, newsletter subscription, increasing revenue, reducing cost or expanding bandwidth? Identifying what you want to accomplish, and making sure it aligns with clearly defined and measurable strategic objectives is your first step.

2. Define Your Focus: Build Digital Applications to Drive and Track Actions

Everything, and I mean everything, should be focused on achieving the “tip of the spear” outcome. Accomplish that outcome, and reporting it up the line becomes easy.

3. Energize Your Rock Stars: Your Physician Content Creators Are Your Brand Ambassadors

No one knows your brand like your own people. Engage them in creating content and give them the tools to advocate for it in their own digital circles.

4. Introduce Your Content Locally First: Your Employed/Associated Provider Groups Are Your Best Initial Content Consumers

Introduce your own people to the content first. They will tell two friends, then their friends will tell two friends . . . and so on.

5. Expand Your Reach: Your Alumni Network Widens Reach and Deepens Loyalty

Alumni, fellows and interns all have a deep and abiding affinity for the schools in which they have studied and served. Keep them connected and energized by building a strong content distribution channel and feedback loop.

6. Engage Your Entire Team: Encourage Participation in All Viable Internal Departments

While tip of the spear focus should not be lost, wider participation across departments including HR, Medical Education, Physician Liaisons, etc. can help with cost share and provide cross-promotion opportunities which strengthen your brand and drive results.

7. Be Dependable: Create a Calendar for Consistent User Outreach

Consistent user outreach is key to generating awareness, earning engagement and driving conversion. Develop a calendar for your outreach and become a dependable voice for your audience.

8. Amplify Your Message: Leverage All Existing Provider Channels

Continue to communicate through other channels including newsletters, publications, social media, etc. Make sure all your physician-directed channels work together and leverage assets for secondary and tertiary applications.

9. Unleash Your Creativity: Develop a Methodology for Dependable Content Acquisition

Be creative in your sourcing of content. Digital acquisition technologies have proliferated and while you want to maintain content quality, there are increasingly creative ways to develop it.

10. The Sky is Your Limit: Syndicate Your Content as Widely as Possible

If a tree falls in the woods . . .  Providers don’t live in the woods (metaphorically speaking). They live in a digital world that provides them easy access to myriad channels for information. Get into as many of them as you can. Go find them, don’t wait for them to find you.


So, there you have it. Agree? Disagree?

If you have any questions or feedback, be sure to reach out to Peter Gailey @peterkgailey or by emailing