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BroadcastMed Just Got Better! Here Are 6 Things You Need to Know

Keeping pace with the ever-evolving challenge of delivering relevant and engaging content to HCPs is BroadcastMed’s business.  Here are 6 platform upgrades that make sure your content reaches who you want, when they want and how they want it:

Design Upgrades

Responsive design has been added to provide a more intuitive user interface across all devices, especially small mobile. BroadcastMed’s “small mobile first” approach to site design insures that our microsites leverage the best of the advantages of small mobile technology which is becoming increasingly ubiquitous among our content consumers.

Feature Upgrades

Interactive transcripts can now be applied to BroadcastMed player pages allowing for in-line advanced video search on key words and phrases. Video chaptering also provides an easier and more intuitive lookup system.

Registration Upgrades

Our newly added NPI Look Up feature checks NPI numbers against the Health and Human Services Database to ensure the accuracy of the names and numbers entered. This database is updated monthly and allows our clients to restrict content access to those who provide verified NPI numbers.

Doximity social sign-in allows users to register easily using their Doximity sign-in (including their NPI number), in order to deliver a seamless user experience and provide deeper data for our clients.

Security Upgrades

Our newly added Include/Exclude Technology allows clients to restrict user access to premium content.

    • Include Technology: Allows for the development of a finite list of users who have been granted access to premium content based on their email address
    • Exclude Technology: Allows clients to deny access to users identified either by full email address or domain reference (ie.

Promotions Upgrade

Integration of Marketing Automation technology allows BroadcastMed to help its clients develop deeper relationships with likely referrers through consistent, predictive content campaigns which drive tangible ROI.

Syndication Upgrade

The Med1News Service which syndicates our clients’ content through relevant physician-directed online channels like Medscape, MedPage Today, Physician Weekly and others, has received a new responsive face-lift. Distribution partners are now able to easily review content and requisition it for inclusion in their channel offerings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or tweet @peterkgailey.