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Engagement Scoring - BroadcastMed Reporting 2.0

BroadcastMed is pleased to introduce its new reporting system, featuring the BroadcastMed Engagement Scoring System and MD-ID.

Increasingly, ours is becoming a data driven world.  New algorithms and strategies are developed daily to give us better insight into everything we think and do. The challenge is that, amidst the constant bombardment of data suggesting what we can, should and might do, it is sometimes difficult to discern what data is useful, and what is not. 

For years, BroadcastMed has been working with our clients to understand their needs and to map our solutions to the outcomes they desire. Our greatest challenges lie among those clients who take a “generalist” approach to Digital Content Marketing. These clients see the creation and distribution of digital content as an end in itself, absent a strategic approach to mapping the content and its distribution to real business outcomes.

In our efforts to assist these clients (thankfully fewer and fewer each year as our message resonates), we have long decried the value of Awareness Metrics (page views, site visits, etc.) as less valuable by far than Engagement or Conversion Metrics (video and course completions, referrals, return users).  “But wait”, they say, "as long as our site visits continue to rise, we are on the right path, right? Right?” 

Among a number of other web analytics fallacies, this one is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to metrics, leading down a path of awareness-centric complacency which often hides the real value, or lack thereof, of your digital initiative.

“The truth is we don't know the truth. We just live and learn how to tell the truth because we were born liars.”
Auliq Ice

“Perception is reality to the one in the experience.”
Danielle Bernock

The truth is that our perception is our reality and if we stray from an understanding of what our true goals and objectives are, however swayed by popular opinion or “sponsored intelligence”, we lose sight of what it is to be true to ourselves and by definition, we lose a sense of both ourselves and the precious investment we make in our marketing outreach. 

So it is that BroadcastMed has arrived at a new way of looking at the data we present our clients, and in turn, the way our clients look at their approach to achieving organizational goals which are real, productive and profitable. 

We have done so by moving away from Google Analytics to Matomo, a far more sophisticated reporting technology which will allow us to move our services to our clients ahead into the future. Access to Google Analytics will remain available to our clients who are reliant on that technology, however, Matomo will provide a quicker, more complete and accurate methodology as we move forward.

Engagement Scoring and Audience Identification

Beginning this month, BroadcastMed will be reorienting our reporting structure to refocus our clients on metrics that matter.  We will continue to report awareness data as well as the results of campaigns and Calls to Action as our clients have come to depend on those metrics to assess their progress. What’s different is that we will be adding a few new features to the reporting structure which will help our clients capture a better understanding of whom they are engaging and with what level of success.

Engagement Scoring

BroadcastMed’s new reporting will include an Engagement Scoring System designed to help you better understand how your content is resonating with users and how that engagement is driving key performance indicators. Our scoring system leverages an algorithm focused on the four indicators of engagement success which we have learned are most import to driving real action.   

  1. Video Completions
    By creating and delivering content which is relevant and highly consumable, our clients position themselves best to draw important actions from users.
  2. Course Completions
    Whether CME or other types of polling or unstructured learning, course completions are a clear indication of full engagement with users.
  3. Inbound Leads
    From referrals, to registrations, to newsletter engagement, inbound leads drive business, no matter how you define it.
  4. Return Usership
    Studies show that return site users are 15X more likely to buy (whatever you are selling) than first time visitors.

By focusing on these important metrics, we help our clients cut through the noise of site data and focus on what’s most germane to driving action. From this data, we can help our clients develop a deeper understanding of what type of content should be created, how it should be crafted and when and how it should be delivered to maximize impact, engagement and conversion. 

Happily, there is another key benefit to the scoring system as we have designed it. The single most frequent question we receive is “How and I doing and how do I measure up to others like me?” Until now, that has been a tricky question as each of our client engagements has some amount of variability from the others (organization size, number of videos, promotional investment, etc). Our new algorithm allows us to take a closer look at how our clients compare from an “Engagement” perspective, so we can help you to understand how you stack up and what lessons you can learn from others seeking to engage their audiences.

Audience Identification

In addition to our Engagement Scoring System, we are adding an exciting new technology we call MD-ID. This technology will be available to clients who are using our promotions platform to distribute content to the BroadcastMed Membership. MD-ID will allow us to identify, without the impedance of a full registration, who among our BroadcastMed Membership is using your site and what they are doing once they arrive. This information will help our clients better understand their users and lend important intelligence to the strategies we help you craft to develop and deliver content which audiences will find relevant and consumable. 

We are very excited to roll out the new reporting structure and we look forward to introducing it to you. Beginning Friday, April 6, we will be scheduling phone appointments to introduce you to the new scoring system and the monthly reporting available to address all your needs. Please contact your Account Executive if you wish to be placed early on our schedule. Our plan is to complete the roll out and introductions by the end of April.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or tweet @peterkgailey.