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HCIC 2017 - What to do in Austin, TX

For those of you heading to Austin for the Healthcare Internet Conference, we hope that you will take a moment to swing by Booth #1 (Yes, we are #1! Ha!) and see us. We’d love the opportunity to catch up and share with you some of the exciting outcomes we have achieved for our growing roster of clients.

I have long held Austin as one of my favorite American cities and believe that “Keep Austin Weird” is an appropriate catch phrase for the town’s offbeat vibe. Call me crazy, but I like the beat of a different drum and I thought I would dedicate today’s entry to fun things to do in Austin, when you are not attending the Conference. These recommendations will keep you well fed, culturally supercharged, and just weird enough to fit in.


Cathedral of Junk

You know those neighbors who never seem to get around to cleaning up the yard, leaving a big eyesore for all your guests who drive by? Well, imagine if those neighbors gave some thought to the tons, yes tons, of junk they collected, assembled it creatively, and hung a sign in front saying “Welcome to Trash Vegas”! Hard to resist, huh? Well, oddly enough, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to survey a collection unlike any other. For the nostalgia buffs, there’s plenty to see, many hidden treasures that you might only vaguely remember (vinyl & floppy discs). By appointment only, and well worth the trip to this wacky treasure.

4422 Lareina Dr., Austin, TX
Private home. By appt only. (Call to verify)



The Bat Bridge

Get your inner Batman on and go watch Austin’s 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed Bats emerge from underneath the Congress Bridge each night at dusk. The best vantage point for the bats is to just stand on the Congress Bridge, but there are also boats you can rent out and hills to picnic on. Afraid of bats?  Don’t be. They are actually awesome and the population under the bridge eat 10,000–20,000 pounds of insects and pests each night.

Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704



Swift’s Attic

Austin has plenty of places to eat, but nowhere else can you find drink specials which include the “Prince Edward’s Arse” (think Moscow Mule with Whiskey) and an “R&D” style approach to curating farm to table offerings that proudly showcase a melting pot of flavor profiles and influences. Get there early if you can, but getting stuck at the bar for a piece has its own advantages. And when you are done with a great dinner, you can head downstairs to...

315 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701



Elephant Room

Open since 1991, this jazz club is a cozy and intimate basement venue featuring live music every day of the week. Shows begin at approximately 9:30pm. Local musicians, visitors from around the world, and an eclectic mix of patrons (isn’t that what Jazz is all about), insure an entertainment experience unlike any other in the Live Music Capital of the world. And if it's crowded, ask someone already seated if you can join them.  Apparently, “it’s what they do” at the Elephant Room.

315 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701



Hope Outdoor Gallery

Add your tag at the HOPE Outdoor Graffiti Gallery. You’ll get an eye full of plenty of weird Austin yard art and illegal graffiti around the city, but at this abandoned construction site tucked away off North Lamar, tagging is encouraged. The cement slabs and crumbling walls have been transformed into an open outdoor gallery where local graffiti artists and amateurs alike come to practice their skills. The artwork is constantly changing, and the top-tiers of this sloping hillside offer up an inspired view of the Downtown skyline. Sadly, this space will soon fulfill its original destiny as a condo development. Go while you still can, and try your hand at making Austin weirder.   

1008 Baylor St.
Austin, TX 78703 



No matter what you do in Austin, make sure you also spend some time exploring the eclectic South Congress neighborhood. Great for a walk and the old school signage will take you back decades into the city’s rich past. See you in Austin. And don’t forget to pack your own kind of weird.