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How Well Do You Understand The Audiences You Are Trying To Reach?

Do you understand what doctors are thinking? 

Have you spent much time seeking to understand what they need, how they like it and when they want it when it comes to online information and education? Well, sometimes staying current on trends among physicians is an elusive target, difficult to ascertain, but well worth the effort when it comes time to measure your return on the investment. 

Did you know that 78% of physicians find CME or Clinical Demonstrations the most valuable when it comes to online learning?

Did you know that 88% of physicians will use a healthcare education website if it is personalized to their focus and interests?

BroadcastMed has worked tirelessly in building our database of more than 320,000 physician members, NPI-verified physicians who regularly receive our newsletters, emails and outreach. While this database provides an effective and efficient distribution channel for our client content, it also provides a reliable source of information as we continue to refine our approaches to physician engagement. 

Did you know that only 17% of physicians planned traditional New Year’s celebrations, while most chose a low-key or no celebration at home?

BroadcastMed reaches out to our member physicians with a weekly survey, targeted at better understanding their needs, their preferences and their practices. The results are sometimes surprising, sometimes affirming, but always important to the continued effort to provide insight to our clients on how to develop content, distribute it, and track the value of it. 

BroadcastMed is happy to provide the answers to our Physician Survey Initiative (PSI) questions to our clients. Click here to access our survey results and get current on what doctors are thinking and how you can strengthen your approaches to delivering relevant content which drives action.

As we continue our PSI, we’d be delighted to ask our doctors the questions that are on your mind. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or tweet @peterkgailey.