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ORLive Solution

On my heaping list of things to do is the task of creating a formal “Frequently Asked Questions” list for those who apply video-based online learning techniques to engage HCP’s.  While it is a noble and somewhat daunting undertaking, it remains elusive because there are so many great questions.  There is, however, no difficulty at all in deciding where that FAQ list would begin.

Without rival, the number one question I am asked is “What kind of content are HCP’s most interested in?”  The answer is simple:  Surgical Demonstrations.  By a wide margin, across the BroadcastMed Network and our affiliate sites, clinical demonstrations are being viewed at a pace which surpasses symposia, didactic presentations, grand rounds and packaged content pieces.

The challenge in reaching those who awake with a hankering for a simple Pancreaticoduodenectomy or a complicated laminoforaminotomy lie in acquiring the original video footage.  Often, content creators find the capture of a surgical procedure, within the operating theater, cumbersome, complex and expensive.  Large crews with invasive digital technologies parading through the halls are a non-homogenous distraction and divert attention better focused on other medical concerns.  We know. We have done hundreds of live and on-demand surgical tapings across the country and around the world. Production that used to be cumbersome, complex and expensive is now Portable, Easy, and Affordable.  

From its roots in delivering the web’s first live surgical webcast, ORLive has evolved into a simplified content creation and distribution solution featuring a Portable Broadcasting Kit (the PBK) that allows organizations to “self-produce” engaging live and on-demand broadcasts at a fraction of the cost of traditional production. The ORLive Solution includes a branded, video-centric Live Surgery Channel that can host live and on-demand broadcasts as well as serve as a library for your pre-existing videos and other digital resources. This allows you to instantly stream or record live and on-demand high definition broadcasts including surgical case studies, physician training, symposia, conference events, CME courses and much more.

The PBK travels in a portable rolling case that meets TSA checked baggage requirements and comes with everything you need, including HD cameras, wireless microphones, and ports that allow for the integration of video feeds from robotic surgical systems to endoscopic towers. This dynamic technology allows physicians, other healthcare providers, as well as clinical marketers and educators to produce unlimited live and on-demand broadcasts for one low price. Simply share a link and your physician audience can join your broadcast remotely. Imagine - High Definition live and on-demand video --- created anytime, anywhere, hassle-free and inexpensively.

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