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The 4 Most Important Topics to Improve Your Physician Practice

What are doctors looking for?

At BroadcastMed, we focus on expanding the global dialog on healthcare by bringing providers together to share information, discuss opposing viewpoints and demonstrate the very latest in surgical technique and technology.

Our member database now includes over 170,000 providers, all seeking advancing knowledge in their respective fields. As often as is practical, we poll our member users to help us understand their needs and to enhance our value to their practices.

Recently, we reached out with a very direct inquiry, asking providers to help us identify a list of topics which they feel are most important to improving their individual practice. Here is a countdown of the four most popular answers to our question, and a great conversation starter for content marketing topics that will engage physicians.

Number 4.  Healthcare Reform

In a dynamically changing healthcare climate, a better understanding of healthcare reform and its impact can dramatically influence the practice of medicine for all providers. Politics, finance and the medical well-being of the country collide, leaving many unsure of how best to proceed.

US News & World Report - Healthcare Reform

Number 3.  Telemedicine

Telemedicine promises opportunities for cost reduction, footprint expansion and greater collaboration between rural and more populated areas. So, how do we make it secure and maintain scalability?  Furthermore, what are the skills providers need to enhance their “webside manner”?

The Wired - Telemedicine is Forcing Doctors to Learn Webside Manner

Number 2.  Patient Communications

As culture, language and low health literacy continue to inform the public’s ability to understand and use health information, providers are looking to technology and other means to reach and engage patient audiences with vital information.

Joint Commission - Facts About Patient-Centered Communications

Number 1.  Research and Innovation

Staying current with ongoing research and opening doors to new understanding is the foundation of the provider’s commitment. Keeping afloat is a career-long endeavor and providers can become fiercely loyal to their trusted sources of information. Our research shows that providers trust Academic Medical Centers/Hospitals, Medical Societies, their provider peers, and industry the most when it comes to video content.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)