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Touchpoint: A Podcast for the Hottest Health System Digital Marketing Trends

Expanding the global dialog on healthcare requires a deep commitment to the exchange of ideas from myriad sources qualified to offer thoughts, opinions, and experiences. In that spirit, I’d like to share with you the Touchpoint Podcast, a voice of a consortium of health system digital marketing professionals focusing on in-depth, topical discussions on hospital and health system digital marketing and digital patient engagement strategies.

Hosted by Reed Smith and Chris Boyer, founding advisors and platinum fellows for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, touchpoint covers trends in technology, processes, and approaches that are impacting hospital systems.

Each week, Reed and Chris welcome in guest speakers to discuss topics ranging from developing a unified content strategy to choosing the right conference to attend on a limited budget and with busy schedules.

Touchpoint is easy to listen to, and it delivers a weekly source of relevant information and industry trends for healthcare marketers targeting providers and consumers. You can find the podcast on iTunesSoundcloud or Enjoy!