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What Are Doctors Thinking? Ask Them.

So many marketers make decisions on content and approach based on what they, themselves like. “I like the way this site does this,” or “I would never do that online,” are phrases we often hear from clients as we work to help them develop relevant content, delivered in an attractive User Experience.

Many of you have worked in healthcare for years and understand, in broad strokes, the current trends and preferences of the hard to reach physician audience. However, all too often, we find the “I like this” approach to be a bit out of touch with what your physician audience is seeking.

In the interest of helping BroadcastMed, and its clients, better understand what exactly is going on in the mind of physicians who regularly use the internet, we have launched BroadcastMed’s Physician Survey Initiative (PSI). The effort is targeted at better understanding the importance of the ways physicians use the internet and how online learning can improve their practices.

Weekly, we are reaching out to BroadcastMed’s 170,000 physician members with a simple question designed to help us, and you, better serve their need for online information and education.

In week one, we asked, "In an NPI-verified, provider-only online community, would you comment & engage in discussion involving procedural or educational video?”

It turns out that nearly 73% of physicians say they would be interested in participating in a discussion held in an environment which insured participation only by NPI verified physicians.

In week two, we asked, "Does online learning influence the way you run your practice?"

Only 15% of respondents determined that online learning only seldom, or never, influences the decisions that guide their practices.

In the interest of providing our users with the best UX possible, we will be regularly polling our physician members to better understand how our solutions can benefit their practice. We think the information will also be very valuable to you, so we’ve made it easy for you to follow along.

Check out our library of physician poll results here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or tweet @peterkgailey.